Pieces of the urban collection

Un urban tale

Áron Losonczi had his invention, the light-transmitting concrete, patented under the name Litracon in 2001. In the autumn of that year the Museum of Applied Arts announced a competition called ArtDeco21. The prototype of the Faludi G Litracon project, a geometric, translucent concrete stone in silver ring setting, was entered for the competition, and was displayed in the ArtDeco exhibition of the best entries, after which it was included in the Museum’s collection. The first step, getting acquainted, was taken. The second stage of planning was to find the logical connection between a raw material used in architecture and jewellery, and bring it in harmony with the minimalist design principles. The perfect inspiration to help the designer achieve this result proved to be the wooden building blocks of our childhood, with their simple geometric shapes. These shapes inspired the forms of five different types of ring. Thus the first collection of the Faludi G Litracon project, called Urban, was born.